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Here is what one of our contributors says…Hi Geoff,
I’m thrilled to death with the outcome of our gift swap and also very grateful to have been included. Thank you for taking a chance on a new guy 🙂 I ended up with about 1,300 subs and made over $600. This Gift swap thing is really, really awesome. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for including me and that I am looking forward to being invited back in the future, if possible. Make it a great day!
– Dr. Ted Morter,

Received your invitation from Geoff Wilkins? Then…
Here’s Your Chance To Build Your Business Opportunity List At Warp Speed By Using Our Traffic Exchange!
Welcome to our By Invitation Only series of “group” ad swap events. If you are reading this page it is because you have been invited by the traffic exchange Inner Circle to participate in our next event. This means you have been offered the chance to build a targeted list of subscribers fast, and for free.

Hey there – I (Geoff) would like to welcome you to our series of hosted group traffic exchange events. Now I am sure you are familiar with at least the person who referred you to this page.But in case the other name is new to you and you would like to put faces to the names, here is what the inner circle looks like in the light of day:

geoff wilkinsGeoff Wilkins

In a nutshell, these events allow you to advertise a free gift to self improvement niche traffic provided by other marketers.

Most of the time this will mean existing newsletter subscribers will be seeing your offer and will opt in to your list to receive it. This allows you to add a substantial number of new subscribers in a very short period of time.

There are a LOT of reasons to consider participating in our events and promoting them to your own list. Reasons like the following…

9 Great Reasons To Join Us
[1] We are hand selecting only a limited number of partners in each round (generally once a month) to submit a gift that will appear on a gifts page that looks like this with a corresponding traffic statistics page (site design will vary).Over the course of one week, each of us will be required to send the minimum number of clicks indicated for the event.That amounts to 20,000 to 40,000+ total impressions viewing only a small handful of gifts (approx. 8-10). By conservative estimates if there is a 25% conversion per gift, that’s 2000 to 5000 new subscribers for YOU by the end of this one week event! Historically, the conversion rate has been closer to 50%
[2] With your own OTO or backend funnel for your free gift offer, how much will you earn when 3000 or more new subscribers signup to your offer? $500, $1000, $2500 or more? You do the math for your own offers and think about how powerful this opportunity just became.
[3] It is absolutely FREE To Join our exclusive Traffic Exchange Central. But you will be required to send the minimum amount of traffic (unique visitors) to each event. This may be as small as 500 clicks, or as large as 2K to 5K clicks for the largest events.
[4] During each event your clicks will be tracked and you will be eligible to be invited to future group swaps that are matched to the number of clicks you are able to deliver. So the more clicks you get, the more opportunities you will have to join others with similar list sizes to duplicate the opportunity.
[5] The order that the gifts appear on this single page is based upon the number of referrals you send – so you control your own visibility.
[6] You already know the benefit of setting up traffic exchanges to build your list. But why not multiply the benefits by MAILING ONCE using our event instead of 10 times with individual exchanges? This will lighten the load on your list, give them a variety of choices and build goodwill that’s priceless! That’s what you call “working smarter, not harder,” right?
[7] We will review and manually approve all gifts to ensure quality, functionality and appropriateness for the niche. That way you are guaranteed that what you will be sharing with your subscribers is top notch every time.
[8] After you have signed up and submitted your gift you will be directed to our proven promo tools, complete with your own link embedded for your ease and convenience.
[9] As our Traffic Exchange Central Inner Circle grows, we will further refine and target specific niches so that the audience is highly targeted to your specific niche and offer.
How It Works

We have been hosting highly successful self improvement related mini giveaways for many years – this is something very dear to our hearts.

These list building events are really a win/win scenario for the subscriber who gets quality free gifts and for the marketer who gets to build their lists at warp speed.

Each partner will be required to submit a free gift leading to an opt in page to collect new fresh leads to view their product or service and in turn, during the one week event, each partner is responsible for sending the desired amount of clicks for that particular event to the page via their referral link.

We encourage you to have a solid back end funnel so you make 100% of your own sales when someone opts in to your gift – and we expect our partners to bring 10-15,000+ clicks to the site and thousands of new subscribers while enjoying extra income from their own offer sales as a result of these events.

For example – if the event is for 1000 clicks, each partner sends 1000 clicks so 10 partners x 1000 clicks = 10,000 clicks and fresh eyeballs viewing your product or service.

How awesome is that?

So if you are ready to accept our invitation into the inner circle…

Ready To Get Started With Us?
Listen, we’d love to have the opportunity to work with you to help you build your list. After all, that’s why we went out of our way to send you a personal invitation to visit this page and learn about what’s on the table. Hopefully by this stage you can see that the events are constructed to be beneficial for everyone who participates.

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